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Steven and Tananarive

Imagine everything you need to apply the most powerful mental and emotional techniques in the world to every aspect of your life…all in one place!

Hi!  Tananarive Due and Steven Barnes here!   Together we’ve created a new resource site, called Lifewriting Premium, where we will be able to interact with people more intimately, offer more resources (free, Including things we’ve sold for years) and begin having more regular free teleseminars and guidance.

This will include writing fiction and non-fiction, screenplays, physical health and fitness, emotional health, and storytelling applied to sales and marketing.  And one more: Social Justice Writers, for writers who not only want to learn to express themselves deeply and honestly, but to change the world.

A real treasure trove, where we’ll hold nothing back!

What is the connection, the single mental-emotional technique that is the most powerful tool in the human arsenal?   STORYTELLING.  The stories you tell yourself, your family, your customers and clients, your prospective employers turn information into emotion, and EMOTION MOTIVATES ACTION.  The entire “Lifewriting” system is based on understanding that our view of the world has been shaped by countless millions of stories, movies, jokes, anecdotes, ads, news articles and broadcasts, speeches, lectures…STORIES about how the world works and what people are.

And as every artist, politician and businessman knows…when you control the narrative, you control the conversation.

Whether writing a book or song or movie, convincing investors to invest or buyers to buy, motivating yourself to lose weight or change careers, explaining why your kids have to do their homework or understanding the political landscape, STORY is one of the great tools that helped humanity understand its place in the universe, and lift us from the Veldts to the Moon.  It is the secret to understanding how we make sense of the world.  Once you understand this, you can organize all of your tools and information, your hopes and dreams and aspirations in to STORIES that inspire and motivate you, heal and nurture your heart, and guide you toward success.

Tananarive and Steve have lectured and taught around the world on storytelling and emotional/physical wellness, but what we’ve always wanted to do is have a school, a community where people can get all the resources and support they need to grow at their own pace, and interact with us and other “inner adventurers” whenever they wish.

We’ve always wanted to do something like this.  The trick has been trying to balance the value of our time with the very real wish to provide guidance to anyone who needs it, regardless of their resources. It is a struggle, but we think we’ve solved it.

Introducing LIFEWRITING PREMIUM, a private social network site where you will be surrounded by others committed to writing, being conscious entrepreneurs, and balancing body, mind, emotions and finances.  Chat rooms, bulletin boards, private blogs…its all there.

WRITERS will be able to post their work, find writing partners, and attend special teleseminars where we analyze stories using the exclusive LIFEWRITING tools.

ENTREPRENEURS will learn to apply storytelling to marketing and sales, both to guide their process and understand the needs of their customers, to find their perfect “Unique Selling Proposition” which aligns with the “Avatar” of their ideal customer, to leverage their time and resources to the max.

EVERYONE will learn to balance body, emotions, spirit and finances using practical tools drawn from hundreds of different time-tested sources.

And we’re asking you to get in on the “ground floor”.  Our ultimate goal: to create ONE MILLION conscious, aware, adult human beings.   The strategy? To create ONE THOUSAND conscious aware artists and entrepreneurs, teachers and mentors who can live lives of joy and success, and teach their path to others.


We’re offering an irresistible offer to kick things off: over 100.00 of our best programs for only 1.00!  This includes “The Ancient Child”, “Warrior Sleep” and “Tananarive Due’s Secrets of a Writer’s Life”, available for download when you order your 1.00 test drive of the LIFEWRITING PREMIUM site.  

You can cancel at any time, keep the downloads with no hard feelings. But if you enjoy what you see and experience, you’ll then be charged only $27 a month to be a part of this community, and it is our commitment to make it worth 10X THE COST! But no matter what, the downloads are yours to keep for only 1.00.  What do you have to lose?   NOTHING!!


ONLY $1 for the first month.  If you cancel 29 days in, no hard feelings! But after that:

for the first 100 subscribers, the monthly fee is only $27!

for the second 100 subscribers, the monthly fee  is $37!

then we’re reverting to the regular $47 / month price


The site is currently closed to new members.

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