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Go deep into the mind of one of the world’s most successful hypnotherapists to discover the secrets of REAL success!


Terry Brussell began studying hypnosis when she was only eight years old, and by 1985 had established herself as a force in the field, creator of Success Center and earning over 260k per year in a field where the average hypnotist earned only about 40k per year (55k in 2016 dollars).

Realizing the sheer power of hypnosis to resolve a wide range of issues, she helped people with smoking, weight loss, love, emotional healing, addictions and more, assisting thousands of people with her courses, lectures, coaching, CDs and radio presentations.

But speaking of this success with  martial arts master and NY Times bestselling author Steven Barnes, he asked her a critical question: why?  Why her? What precisely was she doing, had she done, that made her literally FIVE TIMES more successful than the average hypnotist?

And more importantly…could she “boil it down” so that anyone with the heart and grit to begin the process could do the same?   And…what if she considered hypnosis only one of the possible coaching modalities?  There are SO MANY ways to help people: business consultants, therapists, Life Coaches in multiple fields, and far more.

What if she could use her own NLP training, and distill the belief systems, mental syntax and physiology that made her such a peak performer, and could break down how people could do this, starting with the will to help others, and climb the ladder of success?  To start with nothing, and build a business that could support and sustain them…

OR IF THEY ALREADY HAD A COACHING BUSINESS of any kind, to understand “The difference that makes the difference.” To take it from bare beginnings to success to thriving and beyond?

Terry thought about this, and after hours of excited conversation realized that she COULD do it–but challenged Steve to add his own insights from succeeding in multiple businesses from scratch: novelist, Hollywood television writer, life-coach.  Together they designed and executed the YOUR FIRST QUARTER MILLION course, designed to take as far as you have the heart and capacity to go, one step at a time.


SIX HOURS of Audio detailing the steps:

From Zero to your first paid coaching session.  Developing and identifying skills, interests, and your natural audience.

From beginnings to your first 100k business.  The BUSINESS of coaching/hypnosis, from the ground floor.  Marketing, sales, time management, and more…all directly from the Meistra herself.

And then “The secret” of leaping from 100k to 250k.  It is not your skill, your customers, your ability to properly value your offering. Once you understand this secret, things will never be the same!

In addition, you will receive monthly webinars and teleseminars to support you every step of the way.

Also, we’ve arranged for every member in the YOUR FIRST QUARTER MILLION course to have a totally free ONE YEAR membership in the Lifewriting Premium site (a 350.00 value) where you will receive even more support in your personal life as well as your new business.

PLUS you will receive over 300.00 worth of hypnotic MP3s designed to re-program your unconscious for success.

BUT WAIT…THERE’S MORE (I”ve always wanted to say that!)

Terry trusts few people to coach her personally, but Steve is one of those few.



He holds a Mastery certificate in Ericksonian Hypnosis, has studied Transcultural Shamanism and was apprenticed to a Native American medicine man for years, in addition to holding three black belts (including an 8th degree Grandmasters certificate) and has taught Tai Chi for over thirty years.   She said that she would work with him to create HER portion of the program, if in addition he would create a special course revealing HIS secrets for the very first time.  What would that secret be? Specifically finding the SACRED WITHIN THE MUNDANE.  How to make your business a SPIRITUAL journey.

And…he did.   The six part SHAMAN’S BUSINESS JOURNEY course is utterly unique, a combination of his own life journey.  In your weekly courses you will experience:

SESSION ONE: You will learn the oldest technique of Shamanic consciousness, used by all cultures worldwide, and lurking just below the level of your awareness.  Believe me…Madison Avenue understands this secret perfectly well, and in fact, experts consider it the most powerful marketing tool in the world!

You will then learn PRECISELY how this relates to your customer, how this secret literally allows you to “read your customer’s mind” so that you can serve them, help them, lift them up, calm their fears and become the ally they have sought their entire lives.  If you are selling a product or service you are proud of, that you would offer to your own family, you NEED to understand how to communicate that value to your customer.  You owe it to them…and yourself.

SESSIONS TWO and THREE: You will come to understand how this secret relates to the life of the entrepreneur, and how it is a critical difference in perspective you MUST learn if you would succeed.  This is devastating information that applies to any occupation, any skill service or art if you want to find an audience for it.

SESSION FOUR: The application of this secret to CREATIVITY.   Steve has lectured on this subject at the Smithsonian Institute, MENSA, UCLA and Seattle University.  Open the floodgates of your creativity and never fear writer’s block or any of its crippling children again!

SESSION FIVE; The secrets of the Shaman. Here we look at the way of being “in the world but not OF the world.”   How to build your business in a way that is a gift to the world. To “sell without selling your soul.”   Understand the path to adulthood, awakening, and enlightenment in a way that will clarify your path as never before.   How to access deep wells of intuition, to align yourself with the natural world, with your deepest dreams. To heal every level of your inwardness, so that your service to the world, your “Dharma” becomes a route to financial security.  Jesus was a carpenter.  Muhammad a merchant.  The Buddha came from wealth.   All created paths allowing us to fulfill our worldly obligations in alignment with the deepest and most sacred path.

SESSION SIX:   The secrets of Mastery.  What to the masters of the martial and creative arts say about this misunderstood term?  The simplest way to describe is “unconscious competence under extreme pressure.”  Being able to FLOW while others are panicking.  For the natural expression of your Self to align with what you need to succeed on the highest levels. Before enlightenment?  Chop wood and carry water. The same after, but now it is simply who you are.   The secret of real “M.A.G.I.C.” is found here, and you will never be the same again.

All of this…the doorway to utterly transforming your life, and the support you need to rise to your highest level of success.  If you are willing to actually implement, to study, to risk…if you are discontented with your current level of success, then join us!

HOW MUCH WOULD YOU PAY FOR ALL OF THIS?  Terry and Steve charge about 250.00  an hour EACH for their time.  Six hours of it would cost 3000.00

The bonus hypnotic inductions are worth over 300.00

Six more hours of Steve’s time would be an additional 1500.00

An hour a month for a year of their time would be an additional 6000.00

And a YEAR’S membership in LIFEWRITING PREMIUM would cost over 350.00



What is your price?  For this inaugural launch of this program, only 789.00!!  That’s right. And after the first hundred units, that price goes up by at LEAST a hundred dollars!

And you have a 100% guarantee to protect you…apply these secrets for a full 90 days…listen to everything…apply it in your life and business.

And if you don’t agree that we have exceeded our promise, we will refund 100% of your investment. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!



$789 USD

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