ClickBank Affiliate Program

  1. If you do not already have a ClickBank account then follow THIS link, and sign up at CLICKBANK, the company that handles our shopping cart.

    You will need the account nickname for the remainder of these instructions.

  2. Follow THIS link for help on being a CLICKBANK affiliate. Additional information is available at THIS link.
  3. Follow THIS link to generate an affiliate link for the specific product you wish to promote. For example:
    1. Under “Which landing page do you want to link to?” select “The Machine for Screenwriters”.
    2. Enter your ClickBank account nickname.
    3. Click “OK”
  4. You will get an Affiliate link that looks like this (where “NICKNAME” is your ClickBank account’s nickname):


  5. Test your link
    1. Open your Affiliate link in a browser and you will see the sales page for the product you selected. If it does not then verify the modified URL in step #4 is correct.
    2. Click the purchase button
    3. This will take you to the payment page. Look at the bottom any you should see something like “[affiliate = NICKNAME]” (where “NICKNAME” is your ClickBank accounts nickname). If it does then your link is working and your account will be credited with purchases for anyone that uses that modified link to purchase from our site using ClickBank. If it does not have the appropriate nickname the go back to step #3.
  6. (optional) Because the affiliate link is not very human friendly, you may wish to create a short human-friendly URL that forwards to the above affiliate link.
  7. Place your link in your marketing materials

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