Welcome to Mastery Plus

Welcome to MasteryPlus!   The Lifewriting 10-Week program is the flagship product, and has been in development for decades.  Launching this course on the internet is the fulfillment of a lifetime dream–to give back to the world a fraction of the bounty we have received.   Over the next ten weeks, you will have the opportunity to learn and grow in your art MASSIVELY, if you just do the work, enjoy some wonderful movies, and finally prepare yourself to find and coach a writing buddy/writer’s group.

The first step of the Hero’s Journey is: The Hero Is Confronted with a challenge.  You have just been confronted with yours: to be the best, most joyful and effective writer and human being you can be. The door has opened…and its up to you to walk through it!


Write With Passion

Steve and Tananarive


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