Christopher Cornell

  • Fair enough. I didn’t intend to reject or disregard the effort on Gillespie’s part as much as acknowledge that he was slower in coming around (in my opinion). It is hard to turn away from beliefs that have been ingrained and unchallenged for most of one’s life.

  • I go by either Chris or Christopher. I use Christopher so people might think twice about confusing me with the grunge singer, but I still get occasional fan mail. I live in Northern California and code by day, write fiction and create music by night. I’m currently shopping around my second novel (the first never quite made it past beta reader…[Read more]

  • On reflection the exchange approached equilibrium by the end. But I still feel no change would have taken place without extra effort by Tibbs. He placed himself repeatedly at risk of bodily harm or death just to stay and solve the case. Gillespie chalked it up to a need to prove superiority, but that doesn’t strike me as good enough motivation to…[Read more]

  • I did my homework! This film was uncomfortable to watch in places but no doubt effective. We like to think we live in a more enlightened time, but it’s a good reminder of how grim things were just a few decades ago. (This year has reminded us they’re still pretty grim, but that’s another topic.)

    For some reason the repeated use of the word “boy”…[Read more]

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